For parents

STEM includes science, (digital) technology, engineering and math („MINT“ in german). STEM professions, either by vocational training or studying, offer well-paid jobs and high social standing. STEM skills provide a secure future to your children.

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Support your child for a good future

STEM professions are holding interesting future prospects for your children: There are great enginieers and inventors in all cultures.
You can do a lot to get your child excited about the variety of STEM, even if you are not working in a STEM area yourself. There are many ways to support your child.Encourage your children – the girls in particular – to engage in mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology.

  • Girls are just as talented as boys, but also need confidence support.
  • Ask your children about new things they have learned at school, let them explain their favourite and most interesting topics.
  • Make sure, that your children do their homework. Try as well to regularly attend parent meetings at school.
  • Show your child, that maths, computer science, natural sciences and technology are fundamental to building houses, developing machines and curing diseases.
  • Encourage your child to participate in STEM courses offered in your region...

Get active – get informed

Vocational training or studying for your child? Or both? The „career navigator“ on the website Professionals for Tomorrow offers initial orientation.

The employment agencies provide advice on the variety of offers: BIZ KrefeldBIZ MG/RKN

Vocational training in crafts or industrial production is promising and future-proof, meeting the constant demand for skilled workers in the technical field. The training allowance paid by the companies is an additional benefit. Regional companies are listed on the CheckIn-Berufswelt website, for ex.

Students in the 9th/10th grade in secondary schools can find information on

Students in the upper grades 12./13. class can find out more on the website

If  you want to study, the federal BaFöG provides financial support:

Further options are dual or even triple study programmes which include vocational formation. The Study Advidory Service of the Hochschule Niederrhein offers information.

Vocational training or studying – what are the future prospects? A professional crafts job in the technical domain provides very good carrer opportunities and salary levels: If you enjoy facing technical challenges, you will get a variety of exciting tasks.

Also good to know: CertifiedCrafts Master with professional  practice have immediate access to study, even without high school degree.


Is your child looking for further challenges? You will find a wide range of workshops on the Cooperations Platform MINT Community NRW.

All these courses are for free. Talk about it within your family.

Also many multilingual Youtube-Clips represent a wide range of MINT-topics to watch together. You will support your child by discovering your environment.